This Time Forever

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This Time Forever

The Collector 7

This Time Forever is a delicious time travel adventure of a woman with no future who finds herself in the past with an overwhelmingly passionate pirate. Skylar has only weeks to live when she finds herself in possession of a strange green stone and a man holding her at sword point demanding the stone. With the stone in hand, she is spiraled through time to land on the ship of Captain Rand Jamison, a pirate she has read and fantasized about for years. Rand believes her to be sent by an old enemy at first but soon discovers that Skylar may very well be the reincarnation of his beloved wife. Their immediate and familiar desires convince them that fate has brought them back together. But with a common enemy and her dying body, they must find a way to stay together.

Lucynda Storey has written a scorching adventure of timeless love. Rand and Skylar will burn your senses with their erotic love scenes and the plot twists will keep you glued to the story. I loved the way the story ended and want to read more of The Collector series and how lovers are brought together with magical artifacts. It's an interesting and grand adventure well worth reading.

Book Blurb for This Time Forever

Series: The Collector; Previous Book: The Collector 6: Love Cure by Kai Andersen

Series Note: The books in The Collector series are linked, but may be read in any order, and individual books do stand alone.

Genre: Erotic Time Travel

Length: Novel

When terminally ill Skylar Creighton tries to aid an injured homeless man who's been stabbed, his attacker follows him into her bookstore demanding a green crystal. When the victim shoves a pale green gem into her hands, the mysterious crystal sends her hurtling into the cabin of the Rand Edward Jamison's Red Sky, a pirate ship. The captain-she knows and loves from the yellowed pages of his own journals.

When Rand hears a noise in his cabin, his senses go on full alert. Finding an interloper, he's sure his enemy, Owain Cutler, has found an assassin. What Rand doesn't expect to find is his deceased wife Emma's reincarnation. When this stranger unleashes her tongue with her sarcastic retorts he's confused. Is she or isn't she Emma? And what is all this nonsense about traveling through time from the future?

Skylar's been fantasizing about Rand for years, and Rand's convinced she's his dead wife returned to him. Between her new love giving her a determination to live and his old one giving him the determination to save her life, she's shortly begging he ravage her like the pirate that he is. But then Cutler steals the sistrum, and he's after Emma - or is it Skylar? He enlists the aid of a Hudu woman to send her own to her own time, because he will not lose her again.

Now all Rand has to do is find a way to get to Skylar and keep Cutler from killing her in a future three hundred years away.

Publisher's Note: this book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: violence.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.00