The Shifter's Kiss

Victor Edwards is a man of great courage and passion. He overcomes his debilitating injuries acquired during his firefighting days to follow his real passion of studying marine life. He is a man with a brave heart and good soul. Nali is the legendary shark god that becomes entranced by the diver who is brave enough to swim the reefs with the sharks that surround it. Their connection is as deep as the ocean and their fates become entwined when an accident brings Nali to shore in her human form. Nali belongs to the ocean but her heart’s desire is on the land in the arms of Victor.

These characters share common passion for the ocean and for each other. The story and romance flows off the pages and into the reader’s heart where the emotional struggles leave you aching with the character’s conflicts. The plot has breathtaking passion and life altering events to captivate the reader in a romance that lifts your spirits. Caridad Pineiro creates characters that touch your heart and weaves a story that pulls the reader into a great plot. These characters come out of legend and heroes, but connect with the reader in a realistic way. Great love usually has difficulties that must be overcome and it is there that we bind to the heart of the characters and the story. The Shifter’s Kiss is a good story for a beach read or in your favorite chair at home. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for The Shifter's Kiss

After almost losing his life in the line of duty, firefighter Victor Edwards turned to his true passion: the ocean, the one place he feels at peace. By day, he studies a magnificent shark. By night he is haunted by erotic dreams of a beautiful woman, filled with a longing he can't understand.

Nali is almost the last of her kind. She knows it's dangerous to swim so close to shore, but she is drawn to the scarred man watching her and craves his touch on her human form. She can't help revealing herself to help Victor when he's injured—and offering herself to him for one week of pleasure. For she only has a few days before she must return to the sea…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00