The Praetorians: Infiltration

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The Praetorians: Infiltration

Infiltration will take you on a wild ride of suspense and erotic thrills with this story of the renegade Praetorians and their ongoing quest to bring down the nefarious organization called The Foundation. The Foundation has created a loyal group of psychics and soldiers through gene splicing and brain washing with plans to control the planet. Quinn is a part of the renegade Praetorians that were forced to undergo DNA altering with animals. His group is trying to save others of their kind by undoing the brain washing of the others and foiling The Federations current plans. Quinn now is searching for Kendra, who is a strong psychic, and then he must keep her out of the controlling hands of The Foundation. His wolf part knows she is his mate, but he walked away from her a year ago thinking it was best for them both. Kendra has never gotten Quinn out of her mind or heart and wonders if her heart can take loving Quinn only to have him leave her again. There reunion becomes explosive with erotic pleasures and with both wanting to protect the other. It's an action packed chase across the desert roads of Arizona as they try to stay one step ahead of The Foundation and the horror of being their captives.

Quinn and Kendra's story will hold you spellbound, as you become a part of their journey of love as danger and intriguing events unfold. The edgy plot will leave you breathless as the intense scenes accumulate into a ferocious storm of desires and deceit. With wonderfully well written characters and a page turning plot, Sherrill Quinn has penned a fantastic story of the Praetorians and their ongoing quest. This is the second book of the series and could stand-alone but I suggest reading The Praetorians: Discovery to get more depth of all the characters and story. It a great read for those who like their romances red-hot and suspense that will hold you enthralled to the end.

Book Blurb for The Praetorians: Infiltration

When her brother's slip makes Kendra, a strong telepath, a target for the Praetorians, she heads for the hills to hide out in hopes of evading them.

Quinn isn't about to leave his 'little lamb' out in the cold for the Hyenas, though. He might have problems with commitment, but she's his woman, and he means to rescue her, whether she wants to be rescued or not!

Rating: Carnal, adult situations and language, anal sex.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.25