The Last Twilight

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The Last Twilight

The Last Twilight is an action packed suspense that will take you through the Congo jungle with supernatural thrills and spine-tingling chills. Rikki Kinn is the CDC's best investigator and is sent to find the cause of a deadly virus within a local village. Her life is in peril not only from the threat of the virus but also from unknown enemies with their own sinister plans. Amiri is part of the eclectic group Dirk & Steele; where supernatural beings work under the guise as detectives to stop the corrupt group called the Consortium. Amiri is now sent to protect Rikki from the dangerous people in a land that holds many bad memories for him. An attempt on her life has them running through the jungle and trying to escape mercenaries and the Consortium. The devious plot continues to thicken as they race for safety and Amiri and Rikki's attraction soon erupts into a passion that will collided with destiny.

The Last Twilight is Marjorie M. Liu's seventh installment in her Dirk & Steele series. She has created amazing characters with fascinating abilities that will capture the reader's interest and emotions. There are cameos from previous characters and an ongoing plot leaves you breathless and anxious for the next great adventure with the unusual characters in the Dirk & Steele series. It's a great book of memorable characters and I can't wait for the next story in this series.

Re-Issued Review: Original Review Date: 2007-12-11

Book Blurb for The Last Twilight

Doctor Rikki Kinn is a virus hunter - one of the best - working in the Congo for the CDC. But when mercenaries attempt to kidnap her in order to prevent an investigation into a new and deadly plague, her boss calls in a favor from the men at Dirk & Steele... Africa is Amiri's home, where he was raised to race as a cheetah, to wake with the sun. It is also a land of lingering nightmare, where he was kidnapped and experimented upon. Now, against his better judgment, Amiri has been asked to return to his homeland by his colleagues in Dirk & Steele - men who are friends and brothers, who like himself are more than human. He must protect a woman who is the target of murderers, who has unwittingly involved herself in a conflict that threatens not only the lives of millions, but Amiri's own soul...and his heart.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.00