The King's Choice

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The King's Choice

King Jakov is forced to find a bride or risk never being able to have heirs. In his world the men were shapeshifters and immortal and the females were mortal until they are mated with a male. Dijana is one of the virgins paraded before the king to choose from. She is bitter and antagonistic toward the king because she believes he is responsible for the many deaths and slaughter of her people. Jakov is unaware of these crimes and regardless of Dijana's bitterness she becomes his unwilling bride. Jakov is convinced she's the one meant for him. Dijana denies any ties between them but cannot resist his carnal desires.

I liked this story but was really wanting more development of the main characters. It was hard to get involved with any emotion or feeling between the two. The story is still good and if you're looking for a quick read filled with intense sex scenes then this is it.

Book Blurb for The King's Choice

King Jakov is forced to select the woman who will rule by his side for all eternity. Little does he know, it is she who will have the final decision. Will his carnal desires drive her into the arms of another? Or, will she see that he can only ever love her?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 3.75