The Firefighter

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The Firefighter

Susan Lyons, P.J. Mellor, Alyssa Brooks

The Firefighter is an anthology written by three talented authors who know how to turn the heat up.

Susan Lyons starts the fire with "Hot Down Under" where Tash and Mick discover a passion they can't put out. Tash flies to Australia with her Grandmother to settle a family estate. When the family home catches fire, Tash finds herself saved by Australian firefighter Mick Donovan and unable to resist the attraction between the two of them. After her near death experience, Tash is ready to live life to the fullest and right now, all her senses are full of Mick. But what will become of her heart now that it burns whole-heartedly for a sexy firefighter from the land of Oz? "Hot Down Under" is a great story with a red-hot romance that will touch your heart. P. J. Mellor stokes the romance fire with "All Fired Up" and will have you laughing out loud when the klutzy heroine catches the eye of the town's new fire chief. Tricia has just returned to her hometown to help her Grandmother and to open her own business-- not to continuously live up to town's nickname for her 'Hurricane Lundsford'. One look at the town's sexy new fire chief and coffee is spilled and fire erupts in her home and her body. The consuming passion between Nick and Tricia leads them into embarrassing situations and tantalizing sex scenes that create entertainment for the town folk. This is a fun read that will have you laughing one minute and fanning yourself the next with the heated romance between Tricia and Nick. Lastly, Alyssa Brooks burns us with "Fighting Fire" where two strong-minded people sizzle your senses when they come together. Carmen is determined to reopen her family business even as Brent, the fire chief, is trying to shut her down. When they become stuck in her office the passion flares uncontrollably into an erotic encounter that neither was prepared for. Unable to resist the heated embraces, Carmen and Brent create an inferno of emotions and feelings that will have you burning through the pages to see how this one ends.

The Firefighter is a great book and will scorch your fingers as you become consumed in these sexy stories. It's a keeper and one you'll enjoy.

Book Blurb for The Firefighter

Book Description

Strong, brave, and hotter than hot. Meet three gorgeous heroes, ready to come to your rescue

Hot Down Under, Susan Lyons

Australian men are just plain sexy. And Mick Donovan, Australian firefighter, has to be the sexiest of them all. Tash McKendrick is far from home and ready to party in the Land Down Under. Sex on the beach. Sex in the air. Mick knows just how to rock her world...all night long.

All Fired Up, P.J. Mellor

Firefighter Nick Howard transferred from Houston to a tiny Texas town expecting peace and quiet...not a steamy tryst with the unbelievably sexy Tricia Lundsford. Their bedroom chemistry is combustible, and every mind-blowing encounter has Nick fantasizing about the next...

Fighting Fire, Alyssa Brooks

Fire Chief Brent Sommers stopped by The Lucky Hart to safety-check the place. Just his luck that Carmen Harte, the club's new owner and his former flame, is looking dangerously beautiful. And when a faulty door latch leaves them locked in Carmen's office for hours, there's only one way to pass the time-surrendering to burning lust...

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Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00