The Entity Within

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The Entity Within

The Entity, #2

Cat Devon is a new author for me and after reading The Entity Within, she is now on my favorite author list. This story grips the reader from the beginning and holds you within a paranormal world of vampires, witches, and demons with lively characters and humorous dialog. Zoe is a witch unintentionally causing all kinds of chaos in Vamptown, while Damon, vampire and demon hunter, is tasked with dealing with Zoe and the demons running loose in the town. The sarcastic tongue of Zoe’s is hilarious and the scenes between her and Damon are purely entertaining. The Entity Within is a novel that will have you smiling at moments even as the intriguing plot unravels into darker moments leading to life and death situations. There are lots of emotions brewing between all the characters and the steamy attraction between Zoe and Damon bubbles over into a blazing passion that rocks both their worlds.

Cat Devon has written a great novel that is fun, romantic, and sure to keep the reader engaged in this paranormal story. I look forward to reading more stories from Ms. Devon’s creative world with her unique characters and witty dialog. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for The Entity Within

In Cat Devon's Entity Within, Zoe Adams and her grandmother Irma are witches who have been banished from Boston. With nowhere to go, they accept an invitation to come to Chicago...but what they don’t realize is that their new space puts them right in the heart of the most dangerous spot of all: Vamptown.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50