The Dream King

Octavian St. James is one of the three powerful wizards that rule over all things magical on Earth. When a vengeful mage tears him apart from his true love, he searches endlessly to find her. He connects to her again from a dream world and now he must find her in the real world before their enemies do. Amanda Carson's life takes a dramatic turn when the man from her dreams appears and brings danger to her. The man came to her in her dreams and eased her unsettled emotions but he also creates more disturbing dreams that she doesn't understand. When they meet in the real world she feels their connections but doesn't know whether to trust it or him. Octavian must show her the magical world and help her to remember the love they shared before their enemies can destroy them again. How will Octavian defeat the malicious plans of a vengeful mage and save himself and his true love?

Tara Newlands has created an intriguing world of magic, wizards and power plays between the good and bad. The Dream King will hold the readers attention within a fantasy world with the emotional plights of our hero and heroine along with a good plot that weaves magic, time and dreams into an enjoyable read. It's a satisfying romance perfect for the times you want to curl up with a good book.

Book Blurb for The Dream King

Octavian St James is a Luenan magi, a member of a secret magical race whispered of in human legends since time began. He leads one of three councils who oversee and monitor all magical operations on Earth. Octavian lost the love of his life in 1935 in an inconceivable act of vengeance by a rogue mage bent on his destruction.

During a dream quest, he realizes Amanda Carson; a successful Phoenix restaurateur is the lover he lost. In a desperate cross-country quest, Octavian set out to find her before his vengeful enemy can destroy them both.

Amanda believes the caresses of her dream man are mere illusions, yet little does she realize he is real and seeking her with passionate intensity. Can Octavian stop his vengeful rival from recapturing Amanda or will a tragic history replete itself?

Mainstream Romance: Urban Fantasy, Interracial/Multicultural

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50