Colton: The Braddock Boys

Harlequin Blaze, #690 - Love at First Bite

Shelly Lancaster has come a long way from the scared, timid little girl of her youth. Now she is a tough deputy sheriff with a severe case of hormones running on overload and nowhere to unleash the pent up passion—until the sexy cowboy walks in. Colton Braddock has spent his long immortal life seeking revenge for all he lost years ago. His path crosses with Shelly and takes a major detour when the chemistry between these two lights up the southern sky like firework in July. Shelly, the strong independent woman, has just ran smack into more passion than she could of ever dreamed of and it’s all wrapped up in the mysterious cowboy that walks into her office. Shelly and Colton are loners. Both are strong willed and have lives that run in different directions. Shelly is the peace keeper and Colton’s seeks to avenge his family. When these two let go, the passion leaps off the pages and into the heart of the reader.

This story gives us well rounded characters, lots of conflicting emotions, and peppers it with a mystery to satisfy the thrill seeking reader. Kimberly Raye has written a great story that teases the reader into wanting to find out more about the Braddock family. We have the paranormal element along with sizzling passion in a fast moving plot. I can’t ask for more in a romance---except maybe more of the sexy vampire cowboys, which we can get in her miniseries of The Braddock Boys through Harlequin Blaze. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Colton: The Braddock Boys

She wanted experience. He has 150 years' worth! 

Guys don't tend to find gals with guns too sexy. So after years of awkward fumblings, deputy Shelly Lancaster is lookin' for a man.... Not for love-good Lord, no. She just wants some hot, heavy and unforgettable sex with a man who knows exactly what he's doing! 

As it turns out, Shelly's just found the perfect guy. Cowboy Colton Braddock is tasty as hell-and one of the perks of being a vampire is that he has years of hot, lusty loving under his belt. Unfortunately, this cowboy also has a wicked thirst for vengeance. But will it prove stronger than his hunger for her? 

Love at First Bite

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.50