Target of Deception

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Target of Deception

Heat Level - Carnal

Target of Deception is a spicy read with an intriguing plot and fascinating characters. Summer Rain has her own private reasons for taking a job as an exotic dancer and for not liking cops. When the cop, Adrien Spence, tells her that she is in danger and he's there to protect her, she immediately doesn't trust him or his reasons. Adrien is there to do his job but finds that the more he is around Summer, the more the attraction between them burns. Their scorching passion fuels the fire of secrets and deceptions that both are caught up in. Adrien is determined to uncover the secrets that Summer is hiding, but getting her to trust him is difficult when he is hiding his own secrets. Will their growing feelings be strong enough to survive the deceptions and danger?

Jennifer Cole has done an excellent job of keeping the reader intrigue throughout the story. The mystery surrounding the characters is doled out page after page with plot twists and dialog. I was constantly wondering what the next snippet of information would reveal and where the story was going. It's a great read of fast-paced intrigue with sizzling bedroom scenes that will thrill and entice. Target of Deception is well worth picking up for a captivating read.

Book Blurb for Target of Deception

Officer Adrien Spence’s Mission: Obtain incriminating evidence, which one Alexis Rainier holds in her possession -- at any cost. First Challenge: Earn Alexis’ trust, which is easier said than done. By him using her niece, Alexis’ walls virtually crumble at her feet, as the little girl falls in love with Adrien. Second Challenge: He must seduce Alexis and keep her off balance, and above all else, his secret agenda must remain just that, a secret. Third Challenge: Adrien must search Alexis’ house for the damning evidence, without her finding out. Unfortunately, he didn’t expect to lose his heart in the deal; and when Adrien learns that Alexis has been kidnapped, he prays that he can beat the clock in a race against time to save her. Her life depends on it.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00