Sweet Restraint

Even after thirteen years, Special agent Shane Dominic has never forgotten Laura Vasquez or her unexplained betrayal by marrying a man with ties to an international thief ring.  When Laura's husband is murdered, Shane uses this chance to learn Laura's secrets and find out what her connections is to her husband.  Her secrets are deep and he sees her fears.  Can he convince her to trust him all the while kidnapping her to keep her safe?  Restrained and at his mercy, Laura is in store for an erotic weekend that Shane hopes will melt her defiance along with learning all her secrets.  Their passions burns hot, but will it be strong enough to resolve the past and their future?

Beth Kery has written a great suspenseful cop drama along with a scorching romance that will thrill the reader.  The characters are great and their passion is intense.  The plot is absorbing and the romance will titillate the senses as become submerged into this drama.  There are elements of BDSM, but they are tastefully done and well written for this captivating read.  Sweet Restraint is an excellent read for the suspense and erotic reader.  Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Sweet Restraint

Desire becomes obsession in an electrifying novel of scandalous secrets by the New York Times bestselling author of Because You Are Mine and When I’m with You?

It’s been thirteen years since Laura suddenly left Chicago Special Agent Shane Dominic and he’s never forgotten her?or stopped wondering why she left. Until the murder of a criminal mastermind draws Shane back into Laura’s shadow. He knows this is his last chance to get to the truth about the woman he loves?and he’ll get it any way he can.

Laura’s feelings may still run deep, but she’ll never tell her secrets?even when Shane takes her as his captive to a secluded cabin, and subjects her to his every torturously erotic whim. As her defenses melt away she has no choice but to trust him with the truth ?one that will expose them both to a danger closing in like wild fire.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00