Shards of the Mind

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Shards of the Mind

The Ta'e'sha Chronicles, Book 2: - Futuristic, Paranormal, Erotica

Shards of the Mind continues The Ta'e'sha Chronicles as Thea's journey into her new life is continually challenged as she deals with past events and prepares for new ones. Moving forward from her traumatic attack has proven to be difficult and straining on her relationship with Kyrin and Daeshen. She is determined to overcome it and with her husbands support, she begins a marriage veil for another that they have all come to care for. Sya'tia is a Warrior Chosen and has become very close to Thea, Kyrin, and Daeshen, but will she accept their proposal and become a part of the marriage? As they get closer to Ta'e, strange occurrences begin to happen on board the ship and their arrival on Ta'e proves to be the most challenging for them all when they are greeted with various welcomes from the family. How will Thea find the strength to handle are the dilemmas and keep her newfound family together?

The Ta'e'sha Chronicles thoroughly captivated me in the first novel and the second one, Shards of the Mind, ensnared me with the emotional trials and ongoing intrigue as Thea evolved into her new life as a wife to Kyrin and Daeshen. Theolyn Boese has created a fascinating world with extraordinary characters that will touch your heart. The unfolding plot pulls you into the lives of the characters and the intrigue will keep you until the last page. I would recommend reading the first novel, The Ta'e'sha Chronicles: Daughters of Terra to get the full emotional impact of Thea's story from the beginning. Shards of the Mind is a great book that I enjoyed very much and I'll be looking for more great stories from Theolyn Boese in the future.

Book Blurb for Shards of the Mind

Series: The Ta'e'sha Chronicles; Previous Book: Daughters of Terra

Genre: BDSM, Polyamorous Futuristic Paranormal Shape-shifter

Length: Novel

Several months have passed since Thea was attacked, but the nightmares have yet to fade. Her dreams are filled with blood, knives and a fear that even the comforting weight of her husbands beside her cannot banish.

As they draw closer to Ta'e and the trial, mysterious pranks begin to plague the ship's crew. Thea has her suspicions but is distracted by her own life. She has prepared a marriage veil and her husbands encourage her to offer it to Sya'tia, a Warrior Chosen woman they have come to care for. Will Sya'tia accept it and join her life to theirs?

But, Ta'e is not the paradise she believed it would be. While the Ta'e'shians do not harbor the same hatred her attacker did, there is a subtle disdain in the air that disturbs her. And, occasionally not so subtle, she discovers, when she meets her new in-laws.

Meanwhile, Kyrin and Daeshen are making their own sexy plans to regain Thea's trust in them. They have no intention of letting her pull away from them. Even if they have to tie her up to do it.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Bondage (mild), homoerotic sexual encounters, m‚nage, spanking, violence (mild).

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00