Shadow of Moonlight

Reader Advisory: While this novel is a stand-alone, for better reader enjoyment we recommend reading Myth of Moonlight first.

Shadow of Moonlight is a passionate tale of a pack of werewolves and their ongoing challenges to continue their race. Jace is only part Were and unable to change. His position in the pack is as the Watcher because of his lineage and dream visions. His latest cryptic vision will bring the woman of his desires to his side as they attempt to piece together foretold events and stop the latest power play between the Were groups. Remy is a warrior and her position as Venator, Second in Command, is indisputable. She's proven in battle to be worthy of her position and protector of their Pack leader. The sparks fly when she is paired up with Jace in this latest mission and secret desires are acknowledged in this steamy plot.

This is the second book in the series by Lena Matthews and Liz Andrews. I am enjoying this series of Weres as they find their mates and struggle through dangerous power plays within their species. Jace and Remy's desires will scorch the pages and their mission is more complicated as they uncover the trail of facts. The characters are charming with their witty dialogue and sensuous nature, which adds spice to this captivating story. I like to see stories with tough, sexy and strong minded heroines and Remy's character is all that. There are still plots developing within the Were community and I look forward to seeing what evolves next. Although this book could be a stand alone read, I suggest reading Myth of Moonlight to have a better knowledge of all the characters within this series. I have read and enjoyed both of these books and found them to be fascinating in both characters and plot. I hope you enjoy these sexy werewolves too.

Book Blurb for Shadow of Moonlight

Remington is a solider first and a woman second. She's fought hard to earn her place as Venator for her pack. The safety of her Benandanti comes first, even before her own wants and desires. There isn't a Were alive who can make her feel any differently. Then again, Jace McClellen isn't an ordinary Werewolf.

Thanks to the roll of the genetic dice, Jace possesses all the strength of a Werewolf but not the ability to change. Instead he's been given the annoying talent to dream a fortune-cookie future. A future filled with more questions than answers and a dream sidekick who aggravates more than he helps. The one thing he doesn't need his visions to tell him is he and Remington are meant to be together. Now the only thing he has to do is convince Remington.

Reader Advisory: While this novel is a stand-alone, for better reader enjoyment we recommend reading Myth of Moonlightfirst.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.50