Seven Sinners

Erotica, Paranormal

Seven Sinners is a decadent gathering of vampire lusts with one vampire's plan to seduce them all with the help of his dearest friend and lover. Phillip has an obsessive desire for Daniel, an Incubus vampire, and giving him a bachelor party is the perfect plan for the seduction he plans for Daniel. Anna is Phillips friend and lover throughout their century of life. Both have shared many erotic adventures since their making and she is to provide the sexual entertainment for the other four vampires while he forces his attentions onto Daniel. With the help of an aphrodisiac beverage called Sin, he sets up the perfect evening of gratuitous sex, and Daniel is his reluctant partner for the night. What follows is a night of sizzling sex that will singe your eyebrows as you read this story.

Red Garnier pens a short novel that will set the reader ablaze with the naughty sex party and Phillip's ongoing quest to find the pleasures to fill the boredom in his life. Seven Sinners is a low emotional commitment read and focuses mainly on fulfilling a sexual conquest in a devious way. It's an okay read, but don't look for a romance with this one. This novella is just red-hot vampire loving between a group of vampire acquaintances and the unusual relationship between Phillip and Anna. If you're looking for a hot and naughty story, then Seven Sinners is a book you may enjoy.

Book Blurb for Seven Sinners

Phillip Gaston Maxwell has been a vampire for one hundred years, a long life where hot sex has certainly not been lacking. But lately Phillip is starting to feel bored. Only his luscious friend Anna can truly fulfill him, but while Anna shares her body, her heart is locked tight. So Phillip's attention has turned to his latest obsession, Daniel — but how can a bisexual vampire seduce a handsome, reportedly straight Incubus?

A bachelor party — with Anna willingly providing "entertainment" — and a little help from a concoction called Sin may just produce the excitement he's looking for.

Reader Advisory: This book contains male/male interaction, group sex and forced seduction.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.00