Seeing Blind

In 'Seeing Blind' by Katie Allen, you have an engaging read full of intrigue and read hot romance. After two years living a quiet life in a new town, Cassie is overwhelmed with the sudden return of her psychic visions and what they could mean to her future life in Nappings; even more shocking for her was finding out that her secret attraction to Ty, the town Sherriff, is not one sided. Soon they start a red-hot romance that the match making residents of Nappings are enjoying and encouraging. Her visions send her out on a mission to find a murderer and she finds withholding the information she has from Ty becomes harder as they get closer. Can he accept her psychic abilities and her help to stop the killer, or will she once again face starting over and alone in a new place?

'Seeing Blind' is a scorching read with well-rounded characters and a captivating plot that grabs the reader right from the beginning. Cassie and Ty's growing emotional ties and erotic lovemaking will have you burning through the pages anxiously to see what happens next. Not only do you become involved with Cassie and Ty, but the town's residents will charm you too. Katie Allen penned a wonderful story that will touch your heart and hold the reader attention to the very last page. I hope you enjoy it too.

Book Blurb for Seeing Blind

Cassie thought that she had escaped from the psychic abilities that had haunted her all her life. After two years of vision-free bliss living on her small farm outside the tiny town of Napping, Cassie's only worry is her secret desire for the hot local sheriff, Ty.

But her quiet, anonymous life is destroyed when murder rocks the sleepy town and Cassie's visions thrust her into the middle of the grisly mystery. Reluctantly drawn into her own search for the killer, Cassie begins to unearth the town's tangled secrets with the dubious help of Napping's residents…and the sheriff whose mere presence is enough to make her blood boil.

As she gets closer to the truth, her relationship with the sheriff heats up and Cassie struggles to hide her psychic talent, fearing that discovery of her unusual gift will drive him away — and destroy her last chance at happiness.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00