"Sealed with a Kiss"

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"Sealed with a Kiss"

Sealed with a Kiss is the perfect short story for an afternoon quickie full of erotic thrills. Helena is taking a vacation and learning to kayak in the Pacific with a gorgeous guide named Ocean. Ocean lives as a human on land but as something else in the water. When Helena unknowingly enslaves Ocean to her, she discovers erotic pleasures that she has only dreamed of. She is confused by Oceans behavior and how quickly her feeling grow for Ocean. Thinking Helena knows of his kind, Ocean is angry that she has enslaved him, even as his feelings and desires for Helena capture his soul.

Lila Dubois has written a wonderful tale of erotic pleasures with a smooth flowing plot that pulls you into the fantasy. The emotional bonding between the couple is fast paced and intense with a story line that enraptures the reader and leaves you smiling with naughty delight. This story left me wishing for a full length story with the Selkie premise that I found so fascinating and erotic. I'll be looking to see if that wish is granted and I intend to check out her other books too. Great job on the short story and I recommend Sealed with a Kiss to anyone looking for a hot quickie.

Book Blurb for "Sealed with a Kiss"

When a man who isn't human is accidentally enslaved by a woman who has no idea what he is, the result is magical.

A Midsummer Night's Steam story

Signing up for a one-week adventure vacation, Helena expects to be kayaking in the Pacific, not having every sexual fantasy fulfilled in her guide's bed.

Ocean is more than he seems, his kayaking business a cover for his deepest secret.

When Helena accidentally enacts old magic, enslaving Ocean, he doesn't know if she is the luckiest girl on earth, or an enemy of his kind, bent on imprisoning him forever. Ocean's strange behavior worries Helena but she's distracted by the mind-blowing sex.

After the truth is revealed, will their budding love be Sealed with a Kiss?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.50