Running Blind

"Running Blind" is a psychic thriller that grabs you from the beginning with spine-chilling horror and keeps you enthralled as the plot unfolds with a red-hot romance and a deadly game by a serial killer. Jessica Crist has used her psychic abilities to help the police solve crimes before, but this time the killer has her targeted. Even the police can't keep her safe, so she runs off hoping to get far enough away from the death and danger that is hot on her tale. A wrong turn on a deserted road and her car crashes; leaving her in the hands of a recluse who has learned hard lessons about becoming involved in other peoples problems. Reed brings her to his home and tends to her wounds never expecting the rush of desire that he tries to fight. Jess and Reed's passions is combustible and resisting it is impossible. Jess knows she must leave Reed before the killer finds her, because when he does Reed will also be the target of the sadistic serial killer. How long can Jess stay hidden from a killer? Can she get away and save Reed from a horrible death because of her? How can Reed let her go when all he wants is to help her and protect her?

Robin Leigh Miller has written a great thriller that will have you at the edge of you seat as romance blooms and death hovers all around. Jess' visions take you into the horrible world of a serial killer with graphic detail that leaves you in stomach-churning intrigue. The romance between Jess and Reed is scorching with plenty of emotional pull that will captivate the reader's heart. It's a well-written story with strong characters and a great climatic ending. If you love psychic thrillers and heart-wrenching romance then "Running Blind" is a story for you to read. I enjoyed it and hope you do too!

Book Blurb for Running Blind

Jessica Crist is a top-notch psychic called on by the Sioux City Police to help stop a serial killer. Seeing this as just another case, she agrees, but the tables turn and the hunter becomes the hunted. Running for her life, she travels hundreds of miles, still able to sense the killer on her trail. But how is he tracking her? Exhausted, hungry and scared, Jessica takes a wrong turn down a dirt road and crashes into destiny.

Reclusive Reed Baker is heading to his home in town when headlights blind him on the private road leading to his cabin. The badly injured driver pleads with him not to call the authorities. Abandoning his vow not to become involved in another person's problem, he takes her home. With each passing hour, she causes him to question his sanity and his decision to become involved in her problems. Problems that could cost him his life.

Reader Advisory: Contains sexual violence.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00