Book 1 in the Gargoyles Seduced series.

Reunited takes you on a seductive journey with a struggling race of Gargoyles battling demons, a deadly virus and rogues among them, while keeping their duty to protect the humans. All hope for the Gargoyles depend on the discovery of the Reconciler and the healing she can provide that will save their race. Garrett Dermonté is determined to find her, protect her and convince her of the destiny that awaits her. Jen Ormand never wants to return to the delusional state she was in while growing up with the ability to see demons and after years of rehabilitation in a psych hospital, she is convinced it was all a figment of her imagination. When the death of her parents forces her to return home, she struggles with keeping the dark memories away. Garrett swoops into her life, carries her off, and tells her she is the Reconciler and that all the delusions from her childhood were real, which makes her question her sanity once again.   Garrett's job is to protect her but he finds resisting their burning attraction is more challenging, all the while knowing he could be dooming his people. Can he resist her? Will she accept her calling, battle the demons and save the gallant race of Gargoyles, or continue questioning her sanity?
Sally Painter brings her Gargoyle legend to life with an extraordinary ability to enrapture the reader in a complex world with sinful delight and a battle of good and evil. The emotionally charged story sizzles with taboo and temptations to leave you breathless in wonder with what will become of Garrett, his people, and Jen--the one woman who holds the power to heal all the Gargoyles. Garrett and Jen provide tantalizing moments of romance even while their future is uncertain. The secondary characters will have you buzzing for more stories in this series as you are left intrigued with their dilemmas and the possibilities of where their stories could go. Reunited is a great story with characters you want to see again as they are imprinted within the heart of the reader while leaving you in anticipation for the next story in the Gargoyle series.   It is an entertaining read and one I would recommend. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Reunited

Book 1 in the Gargoyles Seduced series.
Jen Ormand vowed never to return home. Traumatized by visions of demons only she could see, followed by a spell in a psychiatric hospital, she's determined to create a new life away from her hometown's dark past — until her parents die.
Now she's back and the demons are after her — again. Late one night they attack and sexy Garrett Dermonté saves her. When he sprouts wings and flies off into the night, Jen's sure she's suffering another psychotic break, especially since tall, dark and delicious makes her wet and hot for a lot more than rescuing.
Garrett has finally found the woman prophesied to reconcile his gargoyle clan. Jen is destined to lead them into battle against the demons, but can he convince her in time? Consumed by an uncontrollable lust for her, Garrett worries he's finally succumbed to the virus ravaging his species. Can he resist committing the unforgivable sin of making love to a human or will his hunger for Jen doom the world to demonic rule?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.50