Rediscovering Thor

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Rediscovering Thor

Rediscovering Thor is a truly mesmerizing romance with charming characters and a heart warming love story that crosses time to be fulfilled. Eadred is a Viking warrior who has been frozen in time by aliens only to be awakened over a thousand years later in modern day Boston. Portland is the language expert brought in by the government as an interpreter for the Viking. Eadred is confused and terrified of this strange new world but with Portland's help he hopes to find a place for himself in it. As they embark on this journey of discovery, their feelings grow into a love that will leave you enchanted when an old warrior falls in love with a modern day woman.

Kate Hill has created characters you will love getting to know with a story that takes you through an uncertain future of love and a passion that will leave you smiling in satisfaction with a great read. I enjoyed Rediscovering Thor and recommend it as a heart warming and sensuous read that will leave you breathless and wishing for your own Viking warrior.

Book Blurb for Rediscovering Thor

In the midst of battle, Viking warrior Eadred is abducted by aliens and preserved for over a thousand years. He awakens in modern-day Boston, completely alone in a wondrous yet terrifying world.

Language expert Portland Ellis jumps at the chance to act as interpreter for a man who has allegedly existed since the Viking age. Passion is the last thing on her mind, yet she and the handsome warrior are instantly attracted to one another. Many issues threaten to pull them apart, permanently. Can the handsome Viking and contemporary woman make their relationship work?

Publisher Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the same title, and has been expanded for Cerridwen Press.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.00