Original Sin

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Original Sin

Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Futuristic, Erotica

Original Sin by Bridget Midway brings together three erotic Sci-Fi adventures that will tantalize your senses when romance bloom between a few humans and the Cyborg soldiers programmed to defend the Earth. Adam B'Luven is a career soldier in the Federation Army and resents the High Commanders decision to make soldiers out of Cyborgs. When E-V-E is assigned to his platoon, he is not happy about it, but finds himself strangely attracted to the have human, half robotic woman. When a Cerillion robot lands and attacks Earth, he discovers a strange connection between the enemy robot and his cyborg partner that stirs desires and feelings for them both. Earths fate rests in their hands. Can differences be put aside and why does the Cerillion robot react as it does when E-V-E emotions are involved? C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L are the latest cyborg test subjects that Dr Sonjie Tuumlar is preparing for the Federation Army. When C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L begin focusing their attention on the good doctor, she finds herself in a dilemma of professional ethics and a woman's desires. Will she succumb to them both even as her instincts are alerted to a possible enemy plot unfolding that revolves around them? The last adventure is set on the Moon where all the sexbots have been quarantined to find those that would make good soldiers. Dr. Noah Wiit liked the solitude his assignment on the Moon provided but didn't care for the job of weeding through the sexbots being held there. Vivian was mistakenly rounded up in the last sexbot raid, and now she must convince Noah that she's human. When Noah discovers that Vivian is human, he then has to find a way to get her back to Earth and avoid any of the political mess that could come from her situation. Desires are awakened between them and the ongoing war is creating a deadly situation for them. Will they end up being victims in the Federations latest action to win the war?

Bridget Midway has created a fascinating science fiction world where man and machinery collide in erotic pleasures and in battle. Each of these stories is linked together with the war between humans on Earth and a robotic army wanting to overtake them. The plots will keep you intrigued and the characters relationships will have you eagerly turning the pages. Original Sin is a fun and delightful read that I enjoyed and if you like hot sci-fi romance then you'll love this book.

Book Blurb for Original Sin

The exciting sci-fi saga is now bound in one thrilling volume, featuring expanded versions of reader favorites! Adam and E-V-E: E-V-E, or Emergency Violator Equalizer, is an enhanced woman with a computer chip in her head that makes her the ultimate fighting machine. When faced with a Cerillion robot, she's more than annoyed to have to fight along side an unenhanced human...especially one who brings out her human side. Lieutenant Adam B'Luven wants to protect the last few Earth inhabitants without the aid of a machine like E.V.E. that's making the human Army obsolete. But in order to save the humans, he'll have to drop his prejudices...and his pants. C-A-I-N an A-B-E-L: Dr. Sonjie Tuumlar has the world in her hands, literally. She has to make sure two cyborgs, C-A-I-N and A-B-E-L, are fit enough to fight against Earth's attackers. Her focus shifts when both men desire her. Determined not to be like her former lover, Dr. Lars Urlean, she fights to not have a sexual relationship with her creations. However with a man as obliging as A-B-E-L and as seductively dangerous as C-A-I-N, will she be able to hold out, or will she succumb to one of the two men...or both? Sodom and Gomorrah: Never before published!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.50