No Mercy

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No Mercy

Dark-Hunter Series #18

The battle between the Dark-Hunters and Daimons turns more ominous when the Daimon king utilizes a powerful new means of fighting the Hunters. This is a battle that comes to the doors of Sanctuary, a place that shape shifter Dev Peltier has guarded for hundreds of years. When the Amazonian Dark-Hunter Samia roars into Dev’s life, he is overcome with passion for the beautiful Hunter, and with all the intense passion between them it is only a matter of time before fate pulls them apart. The Hunters are facing a new threat of death and destruction, so now it is up to Dev and Samia to stop the evil plans from the Daimons but first they must save themselves from the deadly interference from the gods and goddesses that are toying with their lives.

No Mercy is a thrilling new Dark-Hunter novel that is sure to keep the reader captivated in suspense, passion, butt-kicking action, and intense emotions. Dev and Sam live with the pain of a past that has made them who they are today and it is their emotional journey that will melt your heart and endear these characters to the reader. Each new Dark-Hunter novel reveals more about our favorite immortals and the dysfunctional relations between them and the gods or goddesses that created them. What is the next plot Sherrilyn Kenyon will pull her readers into and will her heroes and heroines ever find a peaceful existence? We are at the mercy of the creative and talented mind of Ms. Kenyon and I’ll be waiting impatiently to see what she has in store for her Hunters and readers next.

Book Blurb for No Mercy

In New Orleans, immortal Amazon warrior Samia is about to learn that there’s a worse evil coming to slaughter mankind than she’s ever faced before.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00