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Novel of the Darkyn

Nightborn brings us to a different chapter in the world of the Darkyns. The start of a new trilogy and just as thrilling as the previous Darkyn novels, Nightborn brings the mysterious Darkyn existence to a new level as past secrets unleash new threats into their already dangerous lives. Korvel is on a mission from his high lord to find an ancient scroll, which brings him to a more challenging task when he crosses paths with the one sworn to protect the scroll. Simone’s life has never been her own and when Korvel tempts her with a passion, she has only ever dreamed of, she finds herself torn between duty to her family and her growing feelings for Korvel. Their relationship is of course complicated, and the story will keep you engaged in an exciting journey across France guaranteed to pull you into their world. There are familiar characters that join the unfolding plot while Korvel and Simone work their way into your heart as the tension builds between them with a story full of twists and mysteries. Great start to this new trilogy by Lynn Viehl and her amazing world of the Darkyns. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Nightborn

The High Lord of the Immortal Darkyn has sent his most trusted warrior, Korvel, to retrieve a coveted scroll that's rumored to contain maps to Templar treasures and the secrets to eternal life. Uniting with Korvel to recover the dangerous artifact is Simone Derien, the daughter of the scroll's guardian, and a woman with many deadly secrets...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00