Night Shadow

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Night Shadow

Night Book 3

Wizard and T-FLAC operative Alex Stone has dedicated his life to fighting against the evils that threaten the world, but nothing could have prepared him for his next mission. Alexi Stone believes she has nothing in common with Alex other than their similar name and that they are both T-FLAC operatives. Their next mission will challenge both of them, as they get closer to finding the mastermind behind the terrorists that are plaguing the world. Rogue wizards, unpredictable powers and a path leading to personal betrayal has Alex neck deep in problems but Lexi keeps him grounded with her knowledge and the passion that explodes between them. Things are grime in the wizard and the human world in which all their lives may depend on whether Lexi has the heart to give all for the world, or more importantly Alex.
Cherry Adair has penned a thrilling novel that pulls all the mysterious happenings from Night Fall and Night Secret together into a fantastic conclusion. Lexi and Alex both grow in character and strength the more they get to know one another; while their faith is put to the test as the plot thickens with each page. This edgy plot will grab you from the beginning and leave you with spine-tingling thrills and heart-wrenching emotions. Woven within are characters from previous stories that will play a pivotal part in this captivating read and will hook you into the T-FLAC world that Ms Adair has created. All her novels will stand-alone but you will find that once you are captured by the passion and drama of Night Shadow you will want to read her other novels. All are great stories and I’m a big follower of Cherry Adair with her extraordinary characters as they face insurmountable odd and find a love that will make your heart melt. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Night Shadow

Aside from working for T-FLAC (and having the same last name), Lexi Stone and Alex Stone are polar opposites, right down to Lexi’s mere mortality and Alex’s paranormal powers. And though Lexi disdains his rule-breaking bravado, she can’t ignore how his roguish charm makes her heart race.

But Lexi’s secret desires clash head-on with her duties when suspicions arise that Alex is poised to switch sides and join forces with a European terrorist cell. Lexi is now assigned to shadow his every move, but her task becomes even tougher when Lexi and Alex suddenly find themselves partnered on an emergency mission in Russia. To stop the rise of a superhuman terrorist threat, Lexi and Alex must work as a well-oiled team, with lethal shadows looming behind them and no one to trust but each other.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.50