Night Hunter

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Night Hunter

This is a uniquely told tale of good verses evil and a love destined to overcome horrors of the past. A creature whose only purpose is to feed on humans, breed with a rare female of his kind and ultimately to battle the chosen Huntsman that is reborn every quarter of century. With its rebirth there is a trained Huntsman who must stop the creature before it mates and throws the balance of good and evil off.

As a child Gillian witnessed the horror of the creature feasting on her mother. Her father went to jail for the murder because no one believed her tale of a monster killing her mother. Twenty five years later and the murders start again. This time it will require her and the Huntsman to stop the frenzy. Nick, the chosen Huntsman, and Gillian are linked with common purpose and a passion that only the ancient battle could destroy.

Night Hunter is a fascinating story of good versus evil. Nick and Gillian both overcome past tragedies to find a love and passion that curls your toes and warms your heart. Cathy McDavid has penned an enjoyable read for a summer afternoon by the pool. You'll need the cool water nearby with this one.

Book Blurb for Night Hunter

Every twenty-five years the cycle begins anew - alegendary creature reawakens and preys upon the innocent. The police refuse to believe such a monster exists. But Gillian knows it's real. When she was seven, she watched in horror as it killed her mother. Now the beast is back ... for her.

As the chosen Hunter, Nick is the only one who can destroy the creature. Yet a gorgeous psychology professor keeps pushing her way into his investigation - and into his most intimate fantasies. For her own protection, Nick's determined to stay by Gillian's side, every day and each delicious night. And meanwhile, the monster bides its time ...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 3.75