Nauti Nights

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Nauti Nights

Naughty Trilogy, #2

Lora Leigh is scorching the pages with her latest hot book called Nauti Nights. Dawg Mackay has spent the last eight years dreaming of one woman, Crista, the sister of a friend and the star in all his wicked dreams. His dreams is the reality that Crista ran from eight years earlier after one intoxicated night of soul shattering sex. Dawg doesn't remember that night and Crista has never forgotten it or the feelings that she ran from. Now eight years later Dawg snatches her from the middle of a shootout during his latest ATF mission and resorts to blackmail to keep her safe and in his bed. Crista and Dawg are in a dangerous and emotional situation in which Dawg has the control of Crista and her freedom will depend on his investigation. She resents his dominance over her but she can't resist the naughty pleasures his loving brings her. With National security threatened, Dawg and his cousin's work together to find the hometown link to terrorist while keeping Crista alive long enough to prove her innocence.

Nauti Nights is a sizzling romance that will inflame your senses. The intriguing plot will captivate the reader with espionage, betrayals, old vendettas and plenty of action. Our hero was a bit overbearing at times with his attitude and control but it worked in the story as it unfolded the complicated life that Dawg lead. The love scenes were very intense and the love story is heart wrenching. It was an excellent story by Lora Leigh and the second in her Nauti series. Natches story is next and it's sure to be a red hot read also. If you like your romance naughty with hot action and intrigue then you'll love Nauti Nights. It's a definite keeper for me to add to my Lora Leigh collection and one that I suggest that the reader keep plenty of ice nearby because it will create a fire inside that burns throughout the whole story. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Nauti Nights

Second in a hot and naughty trilogy from the author of Nauti Boy.

Angela Knight says, "When I'm in the mood for steamy romance, I read Lora Leigh." So do readers who devoured the author's first novel in the Mackay Cousins trilogy, Nauti Boy. Now, in Nauti Nights, Leigh delivers an even hotter tale of a Kentucky marine who'll anything to get the woman he wants. Luckily for him, she wants it bad.

James "Dawg" Mackay has lusted after sweet Crista for years. Just as many as she's spent running from him-and from a dangerous attraction. But for Crista, running isn't an option anymore because Dawg's got a plan to get her and keep her. It's kind of low-down-but completely hot.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 5.00