Nauti Boy

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Nauti Boy

Rowdy has run from Kelly's seduction attempts for years thinking she wasn't ready for his brand of sexual pleasure. After eight years of resisting Kelly, he's returned home from the marines determined to brand her as his. Kelly is now a changed woman after nearly being raped by a stalker. Now timid and fearful around him, Rowdy must show her with love and desire that they are meant to be together. While he seductively pulls Kelly out of her shell, he also has to catch her stalker before her stalker catches her.

Kelly has heard the rumors about Rowdy and his cousins and how they like to share a woman. She now must decide if she can handle his brand of passion and three men determined to give her unimaginable pleasure.

Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh continues to deliver a thrilling read of suspense and erotic passion that leaves you tingling in satisfaction. This story will take you on a non-stop ride of smoldering passion and sexual bliss that overheats your senses in naughty delight. I love it! Nauti Boy goes on my bookshelf as a keeper right beside all of Lora's other novels. Be aware this book does contain scenes of intense sex with more than one partner.

Book Blurb for Nauti Boy

First in a trilogy that crosses the boundaries of erotic fiction-from the bestselling author of Megan's Mark.

Too weak to resist young Kelly Benton's attempts at seduction, Rowdy Mackay left home eight years ago. Duty as a U.S. Marine put a safe distance between temptation and the nubile Kentucky vixen. Now he's back home and ready to engage in the kind of erotic games that have earned him and his two cousins a Nauti-boy reputation in three counties.

Once it was Kelly's dream too-to feel the heat of the boy she desired. But an attack from a stalker still on the prowl has left Kelly terrified of a man's touch. Now as fear and desire converge, Rowdy fights to save her from the deadly threats of a stranger, to rid her of her demons, and to satisfy a hunger more powerful than either can imagine.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 5.00