Molding Clay

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Molding Clay

Hot in the Saddle Book 2

Ciana Stone has penned another great story with a mouth-watering cowboy and an independent witch that will touch your heart with their spellbinding romance.

Clay, our cowboy, comes to Rusty's ranch to help her save it at the request of his family. What he gets is a beautiful woman with magical powers and a love hot enough to brand his soul.

Rusty is just trying to hold on to her family ranch and now must deal with vengeful people who want her and the ranch. With Clay's love and support they set out to catch the people responsible for her troubles. Their fiery passion will scorch your senses and leave you breathless.

I loved Clay and Rusty's magical journey of love and look forward to reading about the next brother who gets touched by a woman's special magic. If you love sexy cowboys and red-hot magical love then Molding Clay is a must read book.

Book Blurb for Molding Clay

Clay Russell had plans, Big plans. First he was going to win the Nationals in bull-riding, then he was going to start his own spread and breed horses. But his family had other plans. They roped him into leaving Arizona and taking on the job of getting a struggling ranch in North Carolina back on its feet.

He didn’t expect it to be something beyond his ability. He also didn’t expect Rusty Blackhawk to be a woman. Or a witch.

Rusty had no choice but to take the Russell’s offer and partner up with them. She had to hang onto her ranch and this was the only way. She wasn’t expecting to like Clay Russell. She sure wasn’t expecting to want him.

Neither of them expected the passion that would explode between them, or the danger that would threaten their lives. They were both in for surprises.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.00