Lust's Temptation

Book two in the Masters of Sin series.

Tawny Taylor has an enticing story full of uncontrollable passions along with the overwhelming lust that burn between the characters. Troi and Amun are intriguing men and the curse they carry throughout their lives will leave scorch marks on you as you read this unique story. Oriel's character was appealing in the way that she seems more down to earth with the reality she faces in her life. Bringing these three characters together unfolds a journey of passion and faith that takes the reader into a provocative romance with a heart-warming plot. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Lust's Temptation

Troi and Amun—one dominant, the other submissive, both alpha—are possessed by the spirit of Lust. Its dark demands have tested their will every minute of every day for centuries. And they’ve committed deviant, selfish acts to satisfy its unrelenting carnal hunger. But the guilt doesn’t overwhelm them until they meet Oriel. She is their salvation, their peace. They need her. But they don’t deserve her.

Life’s lessons have taught Oriel not to trust anyone, especially gorgeous men who will use anyone for their own satisfaction. Granted, they’re sexy. Charming. Her body responds to their every look and touch. But she can’t—won’t—take a chance on them. Until she discovers she can run away, but she can’t escape the emotions they stir.

As darkness closes in, Troi and Amun’s lives and souls hang in the balance. The beast will consume them if Oriel can’t accept her own dark needs, and trust the two men who have summoned her most decadent desires.

Reader Advisory: This book contains same-gender sex, group sex, and various and sundry other deliciously wicked acts committed by two very naughty boys. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.50