Lord Viper

Book 1 of the Infernal Night series

Lord Viper de L'Night is searching for his sister and he believes Lady Dominique Toussaint knows where she is. The same Blood Master trained both Viper and Dominique, and both are warriors and leaders of their own territories. For years, there has been an unquenched desire between them and Viper intends to have Dominique submit to those desires.   Dominique denies any knowledge of his sisters kidnapping and tries to resist submitting to the powerful desires that stirs between Viper and her, but his titillating seduction is more than she can fight. When they find out who is behind the kidnapping, they join forces to rescue his sister. Viper takes their relationship even further by binding them in an Ero-X, which is an irreversible bond for breeders. If they want to rescue his sister and have a future, they must learn to trust in each other and the emotions growing between them.
Lord Viper is a sexy vampire story that will get your temperature rising from the very beginning. Viper and Dominique are characters that set the pages on fire with their strong personalities, clashing wills, and tantalizing sex scenes. The plot is fast moving to keep the reader breathless within this seductive vampire world, and all the power plays between the different Blood territories will lead to a stand off that changes the lives of them all.   Ruth D Kerce pens an exciting read of red-hot passion and I look forward to reading more of her stories soon. If you like your stories with sexy vamps, intrigue, and sex scenes that are a bit on the naughty side, then you are in for a treat with Lord Viper. Enjoy! 

Book Blurb for Lord Viper

Book 1 of the Infernal Night series.
Lord Viper de L'Night believes his sister has been kidnapped by Lady Dominique Toussaint's vampires. He infiltrates her nest and captures the lady in return. When she denies the kidnapping, Viper turns her into his sex slave. He even performs the Ero-X on her — a bonding for breeders — which cannot be reversed.
Viper and Dominique were war trained by the same master years ago. Dominique fights but she's drawn to Viper. And he demands submission — something she won't give.
When they find who has Viper's sister, they join forces to get her back. If they can learn to trust one another, they just might have a future together.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.50