Lonely Hearts Mountain

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Lonely Hearts Mountain

Lucy Hanson has been living a reclusive life atop her mountain after discovering her last boyfriend was an international terrorist. Writing is her priority, and what she does best, but her publisher needs her off the mountain to interact with her fans. Stephen Mikos is starting a new career as a publicist since retiring from the Navy SEALS. His job now is to create a public image of Lucy that will please her fans and her publisher. To do that, he must go to Lucy to discover the person behind the author-then convince her to make public appearances. What he does not know is that Lucy has very good reasons for staying out of the public eye.These two very different people find a common bond between them that builds into something neither was looking for and are powerless to stop. Passion and tangled emotions wrap them in their own snowy world, but are they too wrapped up in each other to see the danger that is threatening Lucy?

Lonely Hearts Mountain is a compelling read from start to finish. Her characters are complex and seem polar opposites before you get to know their real depth of emotions through this enticing story. The plot will grip you with humor, romance and suspense to give the reader a captivating drama with realistic characters that will embrace the heart. Rachel Smith pens a colorful tale of romance that burns with tantalizing passion as the characters struggle to conquer the insurmountable odds that could keep them apart. This is a great romance and a pleasure to read. I look forward to discovering more great romance from this author. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Lonely Hearts Mountain

Contemporary romantic suspense
# of pages or word count: 266 pages
Successful romance novelist Lucy Hanson has a reason for shunning publicity, although her publisher doesn‘t know it. She once fell for a charming stranger, only to find her waking dream transformed into a nightmare. Far from a handsome prince, Michael was an international terrorist. Lucy's been in hiding ever since she learned the truth. Stephen Mikos has paid his dues for his comrades and country. A former Navy SEAL, he's building a less dangerous, if no less challenging civilian career as a publicist. His greatest challenge yet is Lucy Hanson.
But Lucy's publisher is determined. Steve must put the author in the limelight, alongside her published titles. Tracking Lucy to her remote mountain cabin, Steve is stunned by what he finds: an entrancingly absent-minded literary phenomenon.
He also finds disturbing evidence that Lucy isn't alone. Michael has found her, too.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00