Laird of the Mist

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Laird of the Mist

17th Century - 384pp

Laird of the Mist is a wonderful historical set during Scotland's more brutal time of warring clans and the fierce Highland warriors who defend what is theirs through might and sword. The MacGregor and Campbell clans have been bitter enemies for many years. Callum MacGregor leads his band of warriors in his quest for revenge because of the unjustness that the Campbell clan brought down upon his family and clan. He aims to kill them all until he meets Kate Campbell as she wields her sword against raiders in an attack against her home. Now Callum wants the warrior lass for himself and for the ransom. Kate grew up hating the MacGregor's and especially the one called the Devil, who she's been told killed her father and grandfather. There's much hatred and bitter feeling between both Callum and Kate but neither can deny the strong desires between them. Their story is a battleground of family feuds and powerful emotions. Can Kate find a way to touch the heart of the Devil without losing her heart and life in the process?

Paula Quinn brings history and romance alive with Laird of the Mist. It's a captivating novel that will sweep you away to the harsh times where everyday was a battle to live and when finding a love was worth dying for. Memorable characters and dramatic battles will enthrall and titillate the reader with this great romance that grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let you go until the end. Paula Quinn has penned the most enjoyable historical I've read in a while and I look forward to her next one with these sexy highlanders and courageous women. Laird of the Mist goes on my list as a recommended read that is sure to please the historical lover in us all. Enjoy!!

Book Blurb for Laird of the Mist

PROTECTING HER WAS HIS PASSION High-born though she is, Kate Campbell isn't afraid to draw her sword. When raiders strike, she rushes into the fray...and is lucky when a mysterious Highlander shields her from a deadly blow. Swept onto his stallion, she soon discovers that her rescuer is her clan's most hated enemy: Callum MacGregor, the man they call The Devil. Yet she cannot ignore his achingly tender touch or the way his fiery gaze leaves her breathless. POSSESSING HER WOULD BE HIS PLEASURE Callum MacGregor has taken many Campbell lives, but he's never saved one--until now. Mesmerized by this spirited lass, he wants her by his side, even if it means holding her for ransom. As his fingers graze her sumptuous curves and tangle in her unruly tresses, Callum realizes Kate Campbell is his most dangerous foe of all. For he can't make love to her without betraying his kinsmen and his honor...and surrendering his heart forever. Biography Paula Quinn has been married to her childhood sweetheart for 16 years. They have three children, a dog, and too many reptiles to count. She lives in New York City and is currently at work on her next novel.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.50