Jude's Choice

Jude's Choice by Kaenar Langford is an erotic adventure in a futuristic galaxy where worlds and planets are themed to sexual fantasies of all kinds. Delia finds herself on forced leave from her job as a fighter pilot for the Wardelian League and on a Cowboy themed planet that brought her no enthusiasm. Her fantasies revolve around a brief encounter with the bounty hunter named Jude and unfulfilled desires he stirred in her. She was surprised and exciting when Jude suddenly appears and kidnaps her. Jude finds the notorious pilot and brings her aboard his ship where their passions are unleashed. Jude is determined to rescue his lover, Toryn, but unfortunately Delia is the pawn that will free his partner. He is torn with his feeling for both Toryn and Delia. How can he save one without sacrificing the other?

Jude's Choice is a good read that will scorch your senses with the red-hot loving and the tangled web that deceit brings into a relationship. As the story unfolds, it became more intriguing with the dilemma Jude was in and the consequences his actions would bring. It was a tantalizing trip through the galaxy that pulls the reader in with sexy characters and an interesting drama. If you're looking for a good erotic read then Jude's Choice is a book to read.

Book Blurb for Jude's Choice

Delia and Angelina may be the best fighter pilots in the Wardelian League but after a little incident on Antelika they're taking an enforced holiday on the cowboy planet. Lina is happy to find a man to warm her bunk for the night but Delia wants more. More, as in Jude Roland, the bounty hunter she'd met on Tristar 234.

He does find her and kidnaps her, taking Delia back to his ship, the Renegade. She wakes in his cabin and the two are drawn into a night of rich pleasures but Jude is torn between his feelings for her and the part she must unknowingly play in his plan to rescue Toryn, his navigator.

Toryn and Jude have been lovers off and on but Jude wants Delia to be part of their relationship too. Can he rescue Toryn from the Redelian leader and still have Delia? No one could have anticipated Jude's plan.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50