Into His Keeping

Into His Keeping is full of emotionally charged characters and erotic pleasures that will stay with you long after you finish the story.

Holdin and Jill's erotic love affair ended 15 years earlier when Jill disappeared without a trace. Holdin never stopped hoping to find her again.

Jill's life began 15 years ago when she woke up in a hospital with no memory and pregnant. After a fall restores her memory and risks her health she searches for the man who dominated her life all those years ago. Their love brings a whole spectrum of emotions to the reader. You feel the joys, pains and heartaches that Holdin and Jill do as they are reunited as a family with an uncertain future. It's a story of a Dom's love for his Sub and the Sub's love for her man. The sex is D/s but the emotional punches Gail Faulkner enfolds within touched my heart. This was a fantastic book of a man and woman's struggle to overcome life's obstacles and keep a family together with the power of a love that will leave your senses overwhelmingly satisfied.

Book Blurb for Into His Keeping

She became the air he breathed. Her passionate gift of surrender matched his dominant soul. Then she was gone. He'd never accepted that she'd wanted to leave. Ensuring she could find her way back to him was the drive that shaped him. Fifteen years later it was way past time to accept she'd chosen not to return.

Second chances were wishful thinking. Jill wasn't looking for one. She didn't have time for pipe dreams and she had no illusions about the stranger Holdin had become. Famous, rich and now retired from football, he might not remember her. If he did, he might not care to hear what actually happened so long ago. She desperately hoped she had something he would care about though.

A second chance was all Holdin needed. Ensuring possession of Jill was a battle he intended to win.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.50