Immortals: The Reckoning

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Immortals: The Reckoning

The Immortals Series: Book 8

This trio of authors knows how to deliver the thrills, chills, and red-hot romances that will keep the readers captivated within the world of the Immortals.  Jennifer Ashley will take you on a thrilling hunt when werewolf, Logan, gets a frantic call for help from a beautiful she-demon Nadia in Wolf Hunt.  Caught up between passion and Logan’s former pack mates, Nadia must learn to put her trust in Logan, while knowing the hunt could have a deadly ending for them both.  Joy Nash pens a chilling tale of love, betrayal, and revenge in her story Blood Debt.  When Jackson crosses paths with Sidhe, Leanne, their past gives him the opportunity to use Leanne’s magic to destroy his hated enemy and maker.  He didn’t account for the strong emotions that still pulsed between them.  Their reunion and Jackson’s plot to destroy the vampire that tortured him will peak into an explosive confrontation that leaves you hanging on to the edge of your seat.  Robin T. Popp takes us on a mysterious cruise with Beyond the Mist.  While still trying to deal with her sister’s death, Jenna Renfield embarks on a ghostly cruise that she may never return from.  Dave Runningbear has spent months dancing around Jenna and her emotional past, but he knows she is heading for danger on this cruise and it will take all his special skills as a spiritwalker to get them both home.  Close quarters, ghostly threats, and scheming gods creates the journey that will take Dave and Jenna on a passionate and heart-wrenching trip that you will not soon forget.

Immortals:  The Reckoning is an excellent book with talented authors Jennifer Ashley, Joy Nash, and Robin T. Popp that keeps the fever running for more stories in the unique world of the Immortals.  Each of the characters in these stories we have met in the previous novels starring the Immortals, and now they have their own story and romance to star in while our famous Immortal warriors are busy with their families.  But not so busy that they can’t lend a helping hand to their friends when needed.  All three stories are full of passion, intrigue, and fast-paced action that will captivate the reader and leave you breathless.  This is a definite addition to my bookshelf and one you don’t want to miss out on.  Enjoy!!

Book Blurb for Immortals: The Reckoning

This is the last book in the Immortals Series and is actually a compilation of three novellas written by each of the three Immortals authors - Jennifer Ashley, Joy Nash and myself. Each story follows characters who appeared earlier in our respective books

Blood Debt by Joy Nash

Jackson Cabot's bright future went dark in 1896 Paris, when he died and was turned vampire. After three decades of slavery in the service of Europe's brutal vampire master, Jackson discovered a secret that has allowed him to hoard power. Now, at last, his strength approaches that of his rival, and he exists solely to take vengeance on the two beings responsible for his eternal nightmare: the monster that turned him vampire -- and the beautiful Sidhe muse who killed him.

Wolf Hunt by Jennifer Ashley

Jeanne Fergusen was the lowest of the low in her werewolf pack, a captured wolf who could never rise in the pecking order. When she becomes the victim of demon wolf-hunters, she instinctively turns to the one man she trusts - Logan Wright.

Beyond the Mist by Robin T. Popp

Haunted by her past and reeling from her sister's murder, Jenna Renfield takes a cruise hoping to have a little fun – and escape the company of sexy, but obnoxious spirit walker, Dave Runningbear. Almost from the start, the cruise turns out not to be what she expected – prickles of death magic, ghostly wailing in the night and an creepy albino stalker. When Jenna realizes her life might be in danger, she’s more than happy that Dave followed her on board the cruise ship and turns to him for help, hoping they can both escape with their lives when the ship carries them "Beyond the Mist."

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00