Immortals: The Awakening

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Immortals: The Awakening

Immortals Series, #3

Immortals: The Awakening is the third book of the Immortals series and Joy Nash takes the building drama across the sea to Scotland bringing the Immortal Kalen into the unfolding plot. Kalen is the son of the goddess Uni and was created to protect the Etruscans people. Now that they don't exist anymore, he's secluded himself in an old Scottish castle and hasn't concerned himself with the problems of humanity. He's heard the tales of the death magic spreading across the land but he has his own dark reasons for not getting involved. Christine has come to Scotland to find Kalen never dreaming that she would find herself held prisoner in Kalen castle when he plucks her from the middle of a Sidhe ceremony gone bad. His intentions to protect her from a ticked off Sidhe become more personal when he realizes Christine is a witch with the power of a muse. Now that Christine's found him she must convince him to join his brothers in the ongoing battle against an Old One demon bent on destroying all life magic. Can Christine reach the heart of this warrior and bring him into the upcoming battle without losing her own soul in the process?

Joy Nash has done an excellent job continuing the building plot as Kalen and Christine become embroiled in the latest demon battle. The impending gloom runs thick in the streets with mayhem and death. The intensity will have you enthralled as page after page of this riveting drama develops. You have extraordinary characters in extraordinary situations and a romance that will leave your heart branded with burning emotions. This series concludes with Jennifer Ashley's Immortals: The Gathering which I have in my hands now. I'm hanging on the edge of my seat waiting to find out how Ms Ashley pulls this series together and delivers the climatic ending to this ongoing story that has held me spellbound. Immortals: The Awakening is a great read and goes on my shelf as a keeper.

Book Blurb for Immortals: The Awakening

She comes to him in a dream: her creamy skin delectably cool, silky raven hair smelling of the sea and ocean-blue eyes reflecting the depths of her passion. She is everything Kalen has been desperate to capture in his art -- and in his bed. In reality, when Christine finds his remote Scottish castle, it is to persuade the Immortal warrior to help repel the darkness spreading around the world. But Kalen has a vindictive Sidhe trying to steal his powers and a dark secret of his own to battle before he and Christine can give in to --The Awakening.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00