Immortal Desires

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Immortal Desires

Amara grew up with strange abilities that came with unnatural tendencies, but it is her dreams that plague her now of a man that unleashes her passions. Is he real? Why does he haunt her so and make her feel as if they have always known each other? When she meets Andrew, she cannot deny the familiarity or the passion that comes with his touch. Learning her visions are links to their past lives and that the past and future are colliding into unbelievable events is overwhelming for Amara. Trusting her instincts, she lets Andrew help her remember the terrible events from the past that are once again setting the stage for a battle of good and evil. Will she survive the battle, right the wrongs from the past, and accept Andrew as the man her soul hungers for?
Crymsyn Hart has brought new life to the vampire sagas with her unique twists and absorbing plot to keep you hungering for more with each turn of the page. Multilayered characters along with the heart-wrenching tale of timeless love will keep you enthralled as this edgy tale leaves your senses buzzing. Immortal Desires is a great story and well written with colorful characters that stay with you long after the end. I look forward to reading more stories from Ms Hart's creative mind.

Book Blurb for Immortal Desires

Amara dreams about a man who leaves her breathless. Everything in her yearns to discover who he is. Is he real? Or is she in love with a ghost? Her body aches from the memory of his caresses, but his name always eludes her.

Andrew feels the same longing, as his heart has never completely healed since he was separated from his lover lifetimes ago. In Amara, he discovers his lost love reborn. Will the sorrow of his soul be eased with their reunion? Or will his longings go unfulfilled?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00