If There Be Dragons

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If There Be Dragons

Kay Hooper captures the emotions of true romance in her novel If There Be Dragons. Brooke Kennedy lives an isolated life in the wilds of Montana and her best friend is worried about her, so she asks Cody Nash to go to Montana and check on her. Brooke has her reasons for being alone out in the wild and when Cody arrives, he sees a woman with fear in her eyes. Then a major winter storms traps them together and Cody is intent on spending their time together by getting to know Brooke and finding a way to help her slay her dragons. Their relationship slowly grows with each day they spend alone. But will Cody find a way to remove the walls that Brooke has built around her heart and win her trust and love?
If There Be Dragons is a tender romance that envelops the reader with the fragile emotions of one woman as she struggles to live with the gifts she has been given, while learning to trust the one man who has the strength to give her what her heart has always longed for. Cody will melt your heart with the devotion and tenderness he shows Brooke and theirs is a heart-warming romance that will leave you with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. It’s a true classic romance from the talented Kay Hooper and one I enjoyed reading.
Special Notes: This novel is a Bantam Loveswept originally published in 1984.

Book Blurb for If There Be Dragons

Mass market paperback reissue
New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper weaves seduction, suspense, and the paranormal into a spellbinding romance centered on an enigmatic woman—and the man whose touch threatened to expose her most intimate vulnerabilities.
What was a woman like Brooke Kennedy doing running a guest lodge alone in the Montana wilderness? And why was her best friend so worried about her? Those were the questions Cody Nash asked himself after agreeing to cancel his tropical vacation to go on a mission of mercy into blizzard country. For the strong and self-assured woman he found didn’t need or want his help—but she was in trouble. Brooke had isolated herself from the world for reasons she wouldn’t or couldn’t say. But Cody didn’t need to be a psychic to sense that Brooke was afraid. Even more, her fear had intensified from the moment he arrived. Now, as a dangerous storm strands them together, Cody must learn the well-guarded secret of this beautiful, gifted woman—if he can convince her to give him the one thing he needs to save her from a self-imposed exile: her trust.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.00