Horse Play

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Horse Play

Elemental Elves 1

Mary Winter has put together a heartwarming tale of a womans dedication to help the less fortunate and a playful horse-shifting Earth Elf sent to show her that she needs to have fun also. This short story is well developed with the plot,emotions and chemistry needed to be a lead off for a new series. The sex between the two is seriously hot and Clarice and Flynn's relationship makes you remember that there is life out there and sometimes we have to stop and enjoy it. Mary Winters has also given the reader some secondary characters that I'm sure will have their own story later. I enjoyed the story and will be looking forward to reading Ms. Winters next book in the Elemental Elves series.

Book Blurb for Horse Play

Naming her new horse Flynn after the actor famed for his pirate movies proves prophetic for Clarice. The golden horse dumps her, breaking her arm, and ruining her chance for prize money at the next horse show. Prize money she needs in order to expand her therapeutic riding farm.

Sent to Clarice's farm to teach her how to have fun, Flynn D'Artange, an Earth Elf with the ability to shapeshift into a horse, takes his work seriously. When his exuberance overcomes good sense, and he bucks Clarice off, he's faced with the task of completing his mission, and winning her forgiveness. He's willing to do what it takes, including invade her dreams and show her that the perfect place for horse play is in the bedroom.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.00