Heart of the Witch

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Heart of the Witch

Ravyn Skyler narrowly escapes death at the hands of a serial killer and now she must find him before he can kill again.  Nick Lassiter is a private detective with issues and teaming up with Ravyn will be just the beginning of the troubles that now comes their way.  Magic, mayhem and heart rendering emotions are brewing into something both Nick and Ravyn have no control over; all the while dark magic and evil minds are plotting to destroy them.  Can they stop death before death stops them?

Alicia Dean has created an edgy tale with lost souls, vengeful enemies, and a magical journey in Heart of the Witch.  Nick and Ravyn will touch your heart, as each must overcome a difficult past before a future can be found for them.  The unfolding plot will keep you entrenched within a fascinating world of witchcraft, both good and bad, and the dark mind of a killer will send chills down your spine.  Heart of the Witch is a gripping read of life, death and magical possibilities with memorable characters and a great climatic ending.  Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Heart of the Witch

There is a monster on the loose, a serial killer murdering young women near Oklahoma City.  On each corpse he writes his name in blood:


But while the villain claims to be heartless, he’s not beyond making a mistake. This time he left his prey alive, and ex–homicide detective Nick Lassiter plans to use her to crack the case wide open. Yet, Ravyn Skyler is nothing like he expects. She remembers little of the crime, and for a victim she has a deep reserve of quiet strength. In her eyes he sees both helpless waif and merciless vigilante, in her kiss he tastes both passion and power. With a tale of a tin man, it only seems fair that there’s a witch. And this witch guards a secret that threatens not only their lives, but their souls.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.25