Harry's Sacrifice

Resonance Mates, Book 5

Harry’s Sacrifice is a compelling read for any who have followed the Resonance Mates series. Even if you haven’t read the previous novels, you will not be lost in an unknown plot. It has been several years since I have read the first two of the four previous novels in the series and I was thrilled to revisit the intriguing characters to see where prophecy unveils painful truths.

Sexy characters, both old and new, are bringing the reader full circle in this tantalizing read. Bianca D’Arc writes emotionally charging stories that allow the reader to fall into a world of passion and intrigue. Harry’s story gives you romance, sexy love scenes, and the satisfaction of a well-developed plot where love and passion can overcome the darkest of times.

The Earth was devastated years ago when the Alvian’s, an alien race, destroyed most of the world’s human population. Co-existence seems futile, but there are the rare few Alvian’s and the psychically gifted humans who manage to find their destined mates and build the foundation for new possibilities between all of Earth’s inhabitants. But, there are those that do not like the building emotional tide that is sweeping over the planet. Human’s still hide and Alvian’s still experiment on humans.

The time of prophecy is upon them with the discovery of an ancient alien ship, and it is Harry’s destiny to find his mate and to help end the oppression of all Earth’s inhabitants. Harry must first risk his heart and open his soul to not one, but two mates that will forever change him.

Book Blurb for Harry's Sacrifice

Embracing the unexpected can lead to all sorts of adventures.

The prophesied time has arrived and Harry—born of an alien mother and a human father—must journey to the top of the world to unlock a mysterious ship found trapped in an icy crevasse. A ship only someone of Harry’s bloodline can open.

Roshin, a young Alvian scribe, is sent to record events as they unfold. Beneath her remote, icy beauty, Harry feels an unwanted hum of attraction. He has always dreamed of a warm, giving relationship with a human. Not a cold, emotionless Alvian.

Then there’s Cormac, an Alvian officer sent to head the expedition. When all three are trapped inside the vessel, Harry is confronted with an unexpected dilemma—cling to his dream of a human bond, or answer the call of fate and form a lifelong alliance with not just one, but two aliens.

Warning: Harry’s all grown up and ready for action—with not one but two Alvians. Theirs could be a permanent ménage relationship that will resonate in your heart long after the last page is turned.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00