Hard to Hold

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Hard to Hold

The U.S. Marshals - HB #786

Hard to Hold is a sexy adventure and a thrill to read. Madeleine Howe is in trouble. Her drastic attempt to save her brother inadvertently brings the law right into her arms. Colton Black is a U. S. Marshall that finds himself kidnapped by a woman he knows is in trouble and he wants to help her. Maddie must run and Colton will chase her, which leads to some very interesting situations between the two.

The action starts right at the beginning and draws you into a story of desperation, danger, and sizzling romance. Maddie and Colton make for a great couple that must overcome difficult situations. They must learn to trust each other in order to save Maddie’s brother and have the chance to explore the depths of their passion. The story is well-written with characters that will touch you heart. Colton and Maddie both are strong willed and have interesting personalities. When these two are close you can feel the pull of desire that burns between them. Karen Foley has penned a great story with complex characters, sexual tension, and danger. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Hard to Hold

She was asking for trouble. 

She got it! 

Colton Black is amazed when the girl with whiskey-colored eyes levels a gun at him. First, he knows the gun is a child's toy. And second? She hasn't a clue that she's just taken a U.S. deputy marshal hostage! 

Maddie Howe has seventy-two hours to scrape together fifty thousand dollars—or her brother will die. And maybe taking the incredibly hot lawman hostage wasn't exactly her best moment. She needs to ditch Colton, find the rest of the money and get her brother back. But Colton isn't about to let her get away. And maybe it's the weirdest case of Stockholm syndrome ever, but the sexual tension between them is fierce. And if they're not careful, it could get someone hurt….

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00