Hanging By a Moment

Book 2 in the Were Watching series

This is Susie Charles' second novel in the Were Watching series and Hanging By A Moment had me glued into a riveting and erotica story. This is Ziggy's story and I was enthralled with his alpha charm, overwhelming sexual appetite, and conflicting emotions over Summer.

Summer is in hiding from her abusive ex-fianc‚e that nearly killed her and shocks herself with her uncontrollable desires towards a man she knows will want to dominate her. Her distraught emotions and pain from her trauma was heart wrenching, and Ziggy's determination to protect her and help her heal mentally grabbed me emotionally. When they made love I could feel their explosive passion burn through the story and singe me. Their sex was very erotic and exciting.

Hanging By A Moment is a thrilling page-turner with characters you don't want to let go of at the end. I look forward to seeing them all again in future stories from Susie Charles. It's an excellent book that I highly recommend and it has it place on my shelf as a keeper and re-reader.

Book Blurb for Hanging By a Moment

Book 2 in the Were Watching series

It takes a lot to bowl over an alpha werewolf, especially Ziggy, who neither wants nor needs a mate. But the second he sees Summer, he's on her like a dog on a bone. And if protection is what she needs, she's getting the up-close-and-personal version — 24/7. In bed and out.

Hot attraction flares between the two as Ziggy comes to terms with a horrific incident that haunts him and Summer recovers from an attack by an ex-lover that almost killed her.

Summer is a revelation to Ziggy. Mind-blowing intimacy and sex hot enough to leave him gasping and ravenous for more have the tough ex-soldier learning a gentle lesson or two — about the joys of snuggling, and what it's like to want a woman so badly your gut tears in two at the thought of losing her. But if Ziggy wants more from Summer, he needs to come to terms with his past and make up his mind — fast! He's going to have to fight for his mate…to the death.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.50