Gypsy Nights

This book was a great read from the very beginning. The sexual tension flowed between these two destined lovers throughout the book and the threesome became a well-written necessity for the plot that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Sebastian was foretold of his destined mate by a dying gypsy giving birth to a baby. This baby was to be his mate. After being separated for 30 years by outside forces, he finally finds her and the sexual attraction and needs are stronger than his need for blood.

Gitana, being born of gypsy blood and magic, has known all her life that her one true mate would be vampire or werewolf. The chemistry between these two is instant with undeniably erotic love scenes.

Outside forces of a supernatural Council and Gitana's werewolf ex-husband are out to destroy the foretold lovers. Sebastian's friend, William, comes into the story to help against these forces and becomes an important figure in the lover's relationship.

Each character is developed with enough background to follow the story line without getting lost. I found myself immersed within the story anxiously awaiting the next scene, the next chapter and then how it will all end. Mandy M. Roth has become one of my favorite authors to read because of books like this. I loved it and will be looking for more of her books.

Book Blurb for Gypsy Nights

Prophecy of peace....

Thirty years ago, Gypsy missionaries fought back against the demons. In the midst of the struggle between good and evil, a new type of vampire surfaced--one who was capable of feeling compassion, love, remorse. Master vampire, Sebastian Rolle disobeyed direct orders and tried to save a pregnant gypsy's life. Upon her death, the woman confessed that she was carrying the child that would one day mate with a demon, forming a union that would end the war between their races. Unable to save her, Sebastian took her tiny baby girl to the safety of her own kind.

Promise of passion....

After thirty years of searching, Sebastian has finally found the gypsy's daughter again. Gitana isn't the screaming purple blob that he remembered her being. No, now, she is a fully developed woman who threatens to make his cold heart beat again. The very sight of her makes him want to take her, love her, claim her.

Gitana had been married to a man who her grandmother thought was the perfect demon mate. Her werewolf ex-husband is still having issues letting go, and will stop at nothing to get her back. The moment her sexy new neighbor, Sebastian walks into her shop, she can't help but think of nights full of passion and pleasure.

Who is the demon the prophecy foretold would mate with Gitana? Is it the wolf or the vampire? Can they figure it out before council members descend upon them to stop the fulfillment of the prophecy? Who will survive when passions run high and danger is all around?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 5.00