Fairy Dust

Fantasy, Erotica

Fairy Dust is a fun read in the imaginary world of fairy tales where one Fairy Godmother mixes her own special blend of HEA Fairy Dust that spices up the tales and her own life. Fairy Godmother Marlena has created problems in Fairy Tale Land and her boss decides to remind her of the proper way to end a fairy tale by making her the female character within one of the tales. Accidental dustings from her own 'special' Dust creates erotic characters and irresistible passions with a Troll that grows to handsome proportions, a charming Prince who likes to spank, and a Huntsman and Big Bad Wolf that teams up to show her decadent pleasures. How will her own fairy tale end in a HEA when she must return to Fairy Tale Land and her job as Fairy Godmother?

Tielle St. Clare puts an erotic and entertaining spin on the classic fairy tales and makes them into sizzling adult versions that will have you panting for more. The humorous and tantalizing scenes in this out of the box romance will enchant and delight the reader with every page you turn. I enjoyed reading Fairy Dust and will be reading more from this author in the future. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Fairy Dust

When Fairy Godmother Marlena gets in trouble for including a hot sex additive to her Happily Ever After Fairy Dust, her bosses decide she's lost touch with their mission. They announce she will become various fairy tale characters until she understands that fairy tales are about overcoming obstacles to find true love — and not about hot, wild, break the headboard sex.

Marlena tries to follow the rules, but brief episodes with the Troll from Rumpelstiltskin and Snow White's Handsome Prince reveal just how powerful her Fairy Dust really is. Who knew the Troll would grow so large in such interesting places? Or that the Prince had a spanking fetish?

And when she finds herself dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and trapped between the Wolf and the Huntsman…well, what's a girl to do? Find her own Happily Ever After, of course.

Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of male/male erotic play. 


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.50