Fae's Gargoyle

a book in The Hussies series.

When Maria Jennings awakens beside sexy Denton Prescott, whom she has secretly loved for many years, she does what any woman would….succumbs to the blazing passion that he is igniting with every breath she takes. Between red-hot bouts of loving, she tries to fill the blanks in her mind of how she came to be with her sexy gargoyle lover. Maria is a Hussy on a mission and she knows that somehow she must figure out why Denton has lost his gargoyle magic then how to right a wrong that could change the world that they live in. Fate has brought them together. But can Maria save her lover from a future that could separate them?
Sally Painter delivers a great short story with her sexy gargoyle Denton and her formidable Hussy Maria. Fae’s Gargoyle will sweep you up in erotic passion as the plot quickly pulls you into the dilemma that faces the destined lovers.  The characters develop with each page to give you a well-rounded romance that sizzles and leaves you burning for more of Ms. Painter’s sexy gargoyle stories. Fae’s Gargoyle is a great read and a satisfying quickie that I would recommend for the hussy in all of us.

Book Blurb for Fae's Gargoyle

a book in The Hussies series.

Maria Jennings awakes to find a naked man in bed with her—how he got there is a blank. Her shock soon turns to panic when she recognizes gargoyle warrior Denton Prescott, the man she’s loved—and hungered for—for years. Before she can steal away, Denton, the sexiest hunk ever to draw breath is seducing her again, and it’s every bit as hot as she ever dreamed.

Scorching sex aside, Maria is a Hussy, and her reawakened desires for him threaten her mission—to save Denton.  But Denton has a mission of his own—convincing Maria it takes more than the loss of gargoyle magic to stop two soul mates from falling in love. He’ll use every weapon in his erotic arsenal to prove it.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.50