Eye of Heaven

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Eye of Heaven

A Dirk & Steele Novel

Eye of Heaven is a thrilling novel with extraordinary characters and a plot with twists that keeps you on the edge of your seat. As a Dirk & Steele agent, Blue Perrineau's job puts him in touch with other talented people and makes him a target for those that live and breathe evil. Now he is caught up in his father's twisted manipulations and in the middle of something more than he ever expected. Iris seems only happy with her big cats and she captures Blue's fascination with her uncanny cat-like abilities that he sees for what they are. She too is special and wants no one to know who or what she is. When their world collides, the bad guys are coming from all directions and it's up to Blue to keep Iris safe from everyone-even himself. Blue and Iris share a connection that brings danger and complicates the sizzling romance that is brewing between them.

Marjorie M. Liu continually amazing me with her thrilling world of unique characters and a plot that keeps the reader wondering what will happen next. The complexity of characters and the ties that bind the Dirk & Steele Agency to the strange and unusual makes Eye of Heaven an excellent read. The Dirk & Steele novels can be enjoyed separately, but if you read one you will definitely be anxious to read the others. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Eye of Heaven

Like every member of the Dirk & Steele Agency, Blue Perrineau is far from "normal"—and he believes in the organization's creed: Protect the innocent in secrecy. Now an obligation to the family that rejected him is leading Blue into the light and shadow of Sin City . . . and to a remarkable woman, beautiful, desirable, and untamed.

Iris is a headliner in Vegas, dazzling crowds with her feral sensuality and her uncanny affinity for dangerous beasts. But there is a darkness in her world that she never knew existed, and a champion has appeared to protect her—a man charged with electricity, who guards a secret as strange and powerful as her own. And every secret is a liability when darkest evil exists that follows no rule under heaven. Yet with passion and love sustaining them, together Blue and Iris might yet live to see the dawn.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.25