Everlasting Hunger

Book 3 in the Twilight's Possession series.

Raine's job hunt is becoming desperate, but is she desperate enough to take Tryphon Zade and Bale Kincaid up on their unusual offer? Tryphon and Bale are nearing their yearly Blood Bond time and they need a woman to complete it. Raine is perfect for them and the attraction between them makes the situation even more tantalizing. Raine is leery of the two sexy dominant men who are requesting one week of her time in return for their help in securing her a dream job. Resisting their dominant nature creates some discord between them, but the decadence of the relationship soon leaves Raine overwhelmed with their passion. Emotions arise, and Tryphon and Bale want Raine as their third mate within their bond, but they must win over her affections. First, she has to accept these two as the vampires they are and the sexy beasts they can be. Then she must be willing to submit to a lifetime of their love. Is Raine willing to put her heart and soul in the hands of her dominant vampires?
Tawny Taylor creates fantastic characters full of sex appeal while their dominant nature stirs the emotions. Everlasting Hunger will keep the reader enraptured in this third book of the Twilight's Possession series of vampire romance, blazing passions, and emotional struggles. The plot is well developed and fast paced but will leave you purring with this satisfying read. Enjoy the decadence.

Book Blurb for Everlasting Hunger

Book 3 in the Twilight’s Possession series.

Raine Avery needs a job. Badly. When she hears about a primo position, she’s willing to overlook a few salacious rumors about the company’s owner, Tryphon Zade. When she meets him, it’s clear that at least two of those rumors are true. He is the epitome of a wet dream. And he is one controlling, possessive, dominating jerk.

Sons of the Twilight Tryphon and Bale Kincaid are looking for more than a well-qualified office manager. The Hunger has them in its agonizing grip. They need a woman for the Blood Bond. Raine is the perfect candidate, with her lush body, fiery red hair and temperament to match. She makes Tryphon burn, in a very good way, the submissive nature she suppresses calling to the Dom within him. But this Binding isn’t like any Bale and Tryphon have shared before. Their relationship is strained, and Raine fights Tryphon’s domination like a hellcat. But Tryphon is determined to not only prove his love for Bale but also tame Raine.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.00