Eternal Brothers

Book 4 of Dalakis Passion

Eternal Brothers by N.J. Walters is a suspenseful tale of vampires, murder and family secrets that will take you through the streets of New Orleans with ex-cop Zane York and reporter Sophia Daring. Zane is back in New Orleans to follow up on his previous suspicions that the Dalakis family are more than just wealth and power; but are they blood-thirsty vampires? His investigation leads him to reporter Sophia Daring and an unquenchable passion that flares between them. Sophia is determined to find the person responsible for the ritualistic murder of a young woman and unknowingly holds the clue that will lead her into the dark world of vampires. Faced with the unbelievable and overwhelmed with passion for Zane, she becomes immersed in the Dalakis family secrets and the trail of murder that leads to their door. Now their lives will depend on finding out if the Dalakis family is friend or foe. Can she put her heart on the line for Zane and survive the deadly plot surrounding them?

N.J. Walters weaves an explosive tale of intrigue and sizzling romance that reintroduces us to the captivating Dalakis family. The plot flows with building intensity that will have you absorbed with the uncertainty and enraptured with the spine-tingling drama. Zane and Sophia's romance is blazing and complex with unresolved issues that was quite tantalizing as it unfolded. The characters were well rounded with their own unique strengths and weaknesses that made them extraordinary and mixed well into the plot. This is another great story by N.J. Walters in her Dalakis Passion series that will go on my shelf as a keeper.

Book Blurb for Eternal Brothers

Book 4 of Dalakis Passion

The Dalakis brothers are rich, powerful men, but they have secrets — the kind that men kill to protect. Ex-cop Zane York has watched them for several years and has returned to New Orleans to resume his investigation. He has to know if his suspicions are true — are the Dalakis brothers murderous vampires?

Reporter Sophia Daring has had many tough assignments in her life, but nothing has prepared her for the late-night phone call, which leads her to the cemetery and to the body of a dead woman. The murderer drained all the blood from his victim's body and the clues point straight to the Dalakis family.

The attraction between Zane and Sophia is instantaneous and explosive. But Zane has secrets of his own and questions that need answering. Are the Dalakis family the villains or are they being framed for murder? As Zane and Sophia investigate the grisly string of deaths, they discover that the murderer may not be the family's only enemy…and a secret from the past may bring the deadliest threat yet.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.50