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(The Nightwalkers, Book 3)

Book 3 in Jacquelyn Frank's compelling Nightwalker series, `Elijah' is a shining star in romantic fiction with a story that leaps from the pages in mesmerizing detail and breathless passion. Elijah is the Captain of the Demon warriors and protector of the innocent and good in the human and the Nightwalker realms. When Elijah is attacked and near death he is rescued by Siena, Queen of the Lycanthrope, and the one woman who stirs a forbidden desire in him that should not be explored. For fourteen years Siena has worked hard to keep the precarious peace between the Demon and her Lycanthrope race, and her uncontrollable passion for Elijah could put an end to that peace. Their struggle to be together is further complicated with the latest threat from devious necromancers and vengeful plots from the traitorous Demons, Ruth and Mary. It will take Demon and Lycanthrope both working together to stop the deadly evil that threatens the very existence of the Nightwalker and human races.

Jacquelyn Frank has penned an enthralling book with extraordinary characters and riveting action. `Elijah' is a page turning thrill that will reacquaint you again with the memorable Nightwalkers, and of course, it has a romance that will melt your heart. The dialog between Elijah and Siena is great with both being strong minded and having take charge personalities; which made for some sizzling hot bedroom scenes. It's an excellent book that has me drooling for Nightwalkers and I can't wait for Damien's story, which is the next one in this series. Elijah is a definite keeper and re-reader that I highly recommend. Run, don't walk to your nearest bookstore and get your own copy of `Elijah'. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Elijah

They are called the Demons, one of the elusive Nightwalker races living in shadow and struggling for survival against their human enemies. Their proudest warrior is Elijah, a man who bends for nothing and no one...until one woman brings him to his knees.

Some Feelings You Just Can't Fight

He is known as the Warrior Captain-a master of every weapon, a fierce soldier sworn to protect his kind. Powerful, relentless, merciless, Elijah has always won every battle he's ever taken on-until now. Ambushed by necromancers, he is left for dead only to be discovered by the woman who could very well deliver the final blow.Siena, the Lycanthrope Queen.

With three centuries of warring, little more than a decade of uneasy peace has existed between the Lycanthropes and Elijah's people. Now, after a lifetime of suspicion, the warrior in Elijah is consumed with a different battle-winning Siena's heart by giving her pleasure beyond all boundaries. What starts as attraction and arousal soon burns into a passion with consequences that will echo through the ages for both their people. And as would-be enemies become inseparable lovers, another threat approaches, one with the power to destroy them all.

Surrender to the night.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00