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A Novel of the Kyndred

Rowan Dietrich grew up on the streets and the tough lessons she learned is what keeps her alive each day as she restarts her life in a new city.  Her identity as a Kyndred along with her special abilities make her a target for those that would like to use her for their own dark reasons, so she tries to keep a low profile every place she makes a home.  When she meets Jean-Marc Dansant after wrecking her motorcycle behind his restaurant, she is given a golden opportunity—a job and a place to stay.  Their attraction to each other is confusing for Rowan and when another tenant ignites those same lustful emotions, she becomes torn between the two men.  They all carry secrets and the danger is fiercely brewing.  There are surprises in store for them, but will it keep them together or pull them apart?

Lynn Viehl delivers an exciting read of colorful and unique characters that storm through the reader’s emotions with each plot twist.   These characters are mesmerizing with their charm, mysterious personas, and breathtaking passion that they invoke within the heart of the reader.  Dreamveil’s edgy plot captures your attentions as it builds into a climatic ending with a few surprises along the way.  Ms. Viehl continues to entrench me within her creative mind with this series of the Kyndred and I continue to keep her at the top of my favorite author to read list.  Dreamveil is a great book and one not to be missed especially if you have read her previous novels—which I would recommend to get full enjoyment and understanding of the characters, but this is great as a stand alone too.

Book Blurb for Dreamveil

From the New York Times bestselling author 
Rowan Dietrich grew up on the streets. Now she's out to start anew, find a job-and keep her identity as a Kyndred secret, as well as her ability to "dreamveil" herself into the object of others' desires. 
But Rowan isn't using her gift when world-class chef Jean-Marc Dansant is stricken by her beauty and strength. And when dark secrets from her past threaten her new life and love, Rowan realizes she can't run forever...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.50